I had a few questions at the beginning of this journey; these questions seemed to lead only to more questions — and more excitement.

  1. How might we raise a generation of egalitarian children, if we ourselves have unconscious biases?
  2. How might we get men to understand and care about issues of sexual assault and sexism in the workplace?
  3. How might we make systems more egalitarian, rather than putting the burden on individual women?
  4. Can gender socialization during childhood be a cause of big adulthood inequalities, proved with research?
  5. How might we uncover more unconscious biases?
    1. We don't intend to be sexist
  6. Why don't we value feminine behaviors (collaboration, empathy) in leadership, our ideas of "giftedness," potential?
  7. How might we use tech to increase the scalability/objectivity/effectiveness of our solution?
  8. Why do some people hold onto traditional images of masculinity and femininity?
  9. How does intersectionality come into play (is the info I have just about white people, rich people, Americans)?
  10. How is feminism mainstream, yet we still have all these inequities in many different aspects of life?
  11. How did feminism become mainstream in the first place?
  12. What are effective approaches of solving problems of unconscious biases? Trainings often don't work, facts don't change people's minds, it's difficult for individual people to monitor themselves. Systematic change?
  13. How might I start small, and iterate upon my solution as I go?
  14. Where can I find reliable stats/facts/papers about gender equality?
  15. How do I find my target audience (all women, high school girls in Bay Area)?
  16. How much can I (and am I able to) change on a systemic level?